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9720f319-b2d7-4498-9257-3481d0d322c5 Tech Investigations Investigation various open source or commercial packages to better understand pro's and con's. Is it better to use existing solutions or build?
4f0dd647-df0d-48ce-ae8f-35d189cacd4f AR/VR dev environment Setup proper development environment for deploying AR/VR/Mixed reality apps to glasses.
9ed87671-bfcf-4681-9dd3-5a6711046e7c Maximize chance of winning at the lottery.
2be286df-2cc2-4f78-b3fa-9234f406edad LifeScore Game Social Media game. The game to help you quantify your life achievements relative to your friends. Similar to the philosophy of "He who has the most toys .. wins"
b41e18dc-f504-4e7a-be58-96b667d4ca99 Unreal Dev Env Setup Unreal dev environment. Build from source, build unreal tournament from source.
65adaf4d-c3c8-4e6c-8b6a-c1dcf8d59ba4 Micro Benchmark A cross platform microbenchmark that assess 3D, CPU and storage performance.
aa7cdfce-c94a-40ee-a978-a99a4e3c31cc 3D Hello World Goal is to understand best approach to implementing a cross platform graphics app that takes advantage of platform features

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022ea09b-ca5d-4042-8d8f-8e55cc5f71a3 Simulation Game Undisclosed simulation game currently in the planning stages.

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93e5a65e-539b-43c3-ad5f-85a0bc272820 01/19/2024 02:45:11 Google Login Added support for Google Login. This is currently still in test and is restricted to test accounts
aebb3670-6a8f-4d2c-8ab0-edfd2146db98 01/18/2024 21:38:56 Facebook Login Added Facebook Login
a59a3159-122a-4df1-904e-ce43269b6ae4 01/16/2024 05:10:34 Form layout improvements Form fields are now properly responsive and also formatted to be easier to read.
4cb2d2f7-35c7-426a-b0e4-c2e9739b6821 01/15/2024 21:09:00 Label test polished Most labels are generated from the internal DB field names. These labels now look nicer
cede70b3-71e8-4875-be58-7615fbc0b8e7 01/14/2024 15:58:12 Per DB Field control Visibility, and ability to create, update or delete, now have fine grained control.
b261c8ca-3d2c-4f1b-85e0-ecc965bbee7f 01/12/2024 19:30:57 Table UI improvements Updated the Table UIs to have less clutter and work better with various screen sizes
702bc845-eaf8-48ad-bcc0-3bb401107329 01/11/2024 01:59:54 Refactored Site Refactored site. Common code is now being shared between and all other websites.
49a30e38-c98c-4726-9cf3-a5d45c489a42 01/08/2024 20:15:56 DB View added Added DB view support. This allows joins on the sql server making some of the UI easier to read.
151d5f71-c6c4-4ca8-b679-c5c946b27ff2 01/08/2024 00:12:13 Per record access control Access to Individual DB records are now controlled by the record scope (public or private) as well as Owner, or Assigned To. Private records are now really private.
be5d0d69-15b1-46c2-9309-cc37b5df2b93 01/08/2024 00:12:13 GUID identifiers All record Id's in all DB's are now Guids to make it harder for hackers to "guess" at record Ids. Makes the sight more secure and easier to scale.
4b0a3866-a8d5-47f2-bf69-8276e34e99d3 01/08/2024 00:12:13 LogicMedia Updates Ongoing feature and UI improvements for as needed for other projects
76124956-0b93-478b-8e8f-a0ff364a0ad9 01/07/2024 22:49:10 Bug Reporting Added ability to report bugs for the webpage. Creates an bug entry, and captures URL of page.
ea321e1f-d68d-4d1c-bc17-32250e88b9c7 01/05/2024 22:55:48 Fine Grain Access Control Index and View pages can now specify access controls on the page, individual operations and down to the individual fields.
401cf18c-b3c4-431f-a78c-189cadde0e6d 01/04/2024 23:30:04 ApplicationId Added ability to scope DB records to an application since the DBs are shared by multiple websites.
93ff10e6-da9b-441c-9fb7-0b3b4ec73bd3 01/04/2024 22:17:21 What's New Updates to main page to include active & completed projects. Fleshed out What's new page.
26ac5021-4e1b-4415-810f-35e771774724 01/04/2024 13:16:00 Auto site date Add automatic site update date to footer.
96406084-5e43-4d5a-92c3-6300c9aec409 01/04/2024 13:15:00 Workflow improvements Added New Child button on details page.
f10a1969-d854-401c-b9ae-798e1ec436be 01/03/2024 18:17:30 workflow improvements Improved workflow for actions pages, DBL Click now jumps to detailed view
098c3800-6ec6-4f84-a2f3-7421d2d3b7af 01/01/2024 18:15:42 Happy New Year Added historical data to Activity DB. The projects and recent changes are now available on the main page.
8eab6fb7-8783-4b88-bdc2-2828a48fa6f9 12/18/2023 18:14:17 Published LogicMedia Pushed latest website to live servers.
e6fc1fd5-deae-424b-9242-4643a3a1e50b 12/17/2023 18:13:24 Content updates A bunch of content updates for the LogicMedia Website.
960b15e5-9366-4e63-aaa0-87183da19e10 12/16/2023 18:08:24 Audit for Identity Custom Audit tracking for Identity DB tables.
5b155da0-2a40-4bdb-8268-7025ab43cd1d 12/15/2023 17:59:18 Templated Index/View pattern Created minimal templates for the Index/View page pattern. Speeds up adding new databases since its possible top copy paste boiler plate from CRUD scaffolding into template.
4f99c775-53c0-49bf-9678-f560fb59cb5a 12/14/2023 17:58:12 Generic CRUD workflow Generalized the UI on Index/View to work for any CRUD workflow on any database.
d4a2486a-f8dc-47bc-9bd8-fb4c79d051ac 12/12/2023 17:56:04 Generic Index/View pages Generalized the Index and view pages to allow the functionality to be shared across database implementations.
6c942f25-6b46-4477-9ca3-a543c70ee95d 12/11/2023 17:53:54 Main Page background Added an image behind part of the main page.
8e21aa37-10df-4287-84b8-88bfdf03e797 12/10/2023 17:52:42 Audit subsystem Created an audit subsystem for tracking all database changes and attributing it to the user that initiated the change.
eb836a02-9d6c-444c-9d99-4296a4b02f87 12/09/2023 17:44:42 Role Based Auth Added Role based auth for Activity pages. Allows for configuring permissions on who can create/modify activities.
ba5d50eb-3d3a-484f-bad5-5a66bab7aa96 12/08/2023 17:41:37 Membership Middleware Created middleware component that can be injected into web pages. It provides info about the currently logged on users and is available to any web page that needs this info.
ab3daed4-9c03-4b15-9e36-e7bb21830fdb 12/07/2023 09:39:00 Refactored Site Refactored code into submodules for better sharing functionality between websites. Prevents having to copy/paste source files between one web project and another, or having all web projects in a single solution.
c1ced9f5-0b01-4da8-be34-9eb99323561a 12/05/2023 09:37:00 Single Activity View Simplified the CRUD scaffolding generated by Visual studio into a single View page. This saves a bunch of time updating cshtml and cs files since the structure of Create, Update and Delete pages are the same.
21c27745-80da-4772-a2bc-e238dd5a9738 12/04/2023 09:35:00 Auto - What's New Automatically populate what's new with completed Activity Data. Also added ongoing project query to main pages.
c1a4c264-d245-4a5d-b8a1-c6da4af92397 12/03/2023 09:33:00 Datatables Upgraded HTML tables to Datatables. Provides some useful functionality for tabular data.
e1e51834-1d1c-4aba-b558-e1bb27847ba8 12/02/2023 09:27:00 Bootstrap Upgrade Upgraded to latest version of Bootstrap
f2341206-b732-4c70-aae9-60f9ab9cb22a 12/01/2023 09:31:00 Activity Tracking Basically a Database to track projects and tasks. Much simpler than JIRA and I can auto populate web pages with the data
13d2438a-884c-4798-8369-dd927488da11 10/15/2023 08:06:00 Microsoft Login Integrated with Microsoft Login since it is supported by .Net Identity
8254c676-4aea-438d-8305-196daf998b5f 09/30/2023 08:00:00 Internal SSL Needed to implement SSL internally between reverse proxy and webservers since .Net Identity doesn't work without SSL.
d2dc0e78-35ea-41f4-81b0-5da8e81e636e 09/01/2023 07:46:00 Cross platform Hello World Native project that builds on Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, iWatch, iTV, and Android
bbc85899-5cb4-4a85-9cfd-c174d61486a0 09/01/2023 07:46:00 Cross platform Hello World Native project that builds on Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, iWatch, iTV, and Android
d036a47f-f0b9-4846-8b2e-78d03bf75213 08/27/2023 07:34:00 Internal Docker Registry Moved to an internal docker registry since DockerHub requires payment for more than one private project.
95141e89-b58f-4a4f-b3c4-444b7de95bf7 08/26/2023 07:36:00 Site Registration Added site registration using .Net 8 Identity.
016efc0d-af60-46cc-be85-6e17fe0b11dc 08/26/2023 07:28:00 SSL Certs Installed CertBot and now have autogenerated SSL certs for all my domains. Hooked these certs up to NGINX to process inbound SSL Traffic is then routed to the correct webserver unencrypted internally
1d593dd0-48c4-47ec-8794-69f7f2005f99 08/22/2023 07:27:00 DNSSec Implementation DNSSec is a new draft RFC that prevents highjacking of DNS entries and makes websites more secure. It also helps with automatic cert issuing since the domain is know to be good.
b6ebdb44-ed2d-4eac-a990-d0f36741433c 08/21/2023 18:08:00 Moved DNS Providers Moved DNS provider to in preparation for rolling out SSL. Side benefit is that DeSec implements DNSSec protocol which makes DNS secure.
59ff77bc-2871-4e75-92db-2fb2a1293724 08/20/2023 18:05:00 NGINX Installed NGINX as a reverse proxy. The reverse proxy interprets the URL and routes the request to the correct server. The Servers can all be on a single server, or distributed to balance load.
104b4af6-b1f2-420e-8063-f01fb844da93 08/15/2023 18:03:00 Created New Website Initial Website created. Not a lot of content yet, but needed a framework to start adding Memberships, subscriptions, database tables, etc.
745b6585-3372-42e6-8d39-52216873c8a8 08/02/2023 17:59:00 Deployed Deployed initial website to Ubuntu Web server so for live testing
b35d8b94-5ac4-4e1f-9756-12acb40907da 08/01/2023 17:57:00 New Web Site New initial website for LogicMedia. This is just the rough framework for the new site.
d5c2dce6-b656-47b9-aaf0-59b73a07a663 07/31/2023 09:51:00 New Infrastructure Upgrade to Infrastructure. Prepare for updated website.
e9ac7084-5526-4387-916d-e45fde83e168 07/20/2023 08:14:00 Cross platform apps research Researched options for building cross platform apps. All the simple solutions available seem to be broken by platform changes and those that work are complex or have many dependencies.
41ec5000-61fd-458b-ade7-45016aa04433 07/15/2023 10:58:53 Ubuntu Web Server Ubuntu Web server to host web content.
dd1587dd-5855-4267-a21e-70d408590058 07/10/2023 11:02:47 Refresh Created new website for LogicMedia using latest .Net, Kerstril running on Ubuntu in a Docker image.
36b631a5-e4f1-40e9-817a-201011fd94cb 07/09/2023 10:57:39 VM Fallback Configured automatic VM migration and fallback between servers
2a3477bb-8798-44f3-ad39-d2b518557b4c 07/07/2023 18:04:00 Ubuntu OneDrive Setup OneDrive in a container on Ubuntu Server. This lets me store the configuration scripts in a central place that is replicated to all servers
5f98b336-6ac7-43d5-ab5a-7872278753f3 07/04/2023 09:00:00 Configure file replication Configured file replication to put all the certs and CRLs in a single location for future web distribution.
25dfdb0c-61c8-4e49-b210-4ca2fd3048ea 07/03/2023 09:00:00 PKI Infrastructure Setup internal Root, and certificate authorities
3679f469-5caa-4ae7-ac7d-3b6c16f751ae 07/02/2023 18:04:00 Primary Server Upgrade Upgrading primary server to Windows 2022.
e90a9770-7486-4da5-959f-e086f3d4ff69 07/02/2023 09:00:00 New SQL 2019 Instance Upgraded SQL VM to latest server release.
dbb83972-d2f9-46d2-bee8-ced826b7d506 07/01/2023 10:16:38 Setup Wolf Pass Server New Windows 2023 OS on Intel Dual processor Wolf Pass server.
d36888f4-3f06-4b8e-a026-1a8d118fa057 07/01/2023 09:00:00 New Domain Controllers Rebuilt primary and backup domain controllers.
0fcbeba7-fab2-48aa-9d30-298c9133a417 07/01/2023 07:55:19 VM Upgrades Upgraded VMs to Windows Server 2022